Light Commercial HVAC Zoning

Stop fighting over the thermostat!


The Problem: There are literally millions of light commercial buildings, offices, hotels, museums, etc, with central heating and AC systems that have only one thermostat controlling multiple rooms and offices.

The problem is, one thermostat cannot maintain the same temperature throughout the entire office. Temperature will vary room to room office to office due to location, solar gain, and variations of internal loads due to the amount of people in each room. With only one thermostat, it is impossible to fix this and many rooms and offices have no control over the HVAC. What happens? These rooms get heated or cooled air whether they want it or not.

The result, an unhappy building with people fighting over the thermostat.


The Solution: A cost effective, easy to install zone control system.

Zoning uses multiple thermostats, placed into offices and rooms that will control motorized dampers in the ducts which open and close to direct the flow of conditioned air only to zones that need it.

  • Use any thermostats
  • Compatible with any HVAC system
  • Automated operation
  • Shut off unoccupied rooms
  • Increase comfort & convenience
  • Lower energy costs
  • Smart home technology


The Logic: You may need the light on in your office all day, but not the heating or cooling.


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