HVAC Zone Controls Made Easy

Our engineers at ZONEFIRST have been working hard to make installing zoning easier than ever before! We understand that time is money and we want to help. We came up with a series of control panels that on average takes half the time to install than our competitor’s systems. How?

Today, all of ZONEFIRST’s Zone Control Panels have EZ-Wiring. What is EZ Wiring?

EZWIREPUSH-IN TERMINAL BLOCKS (no screwdriver required, just push in and it locks itself, equipped with release button)
COLOR-CODED (color-coded terminals to match up easily with both thermostat & equipment wire)
LED TROUBLESHOOTING (each zone control panel is equipped with LED’s that indicate system status & damper positions)
PLUG-IN (our plug & play zoning systems use modular cord to connect and power all the dampers)
MODULAR CORD (rj11 phone jacks, 25′ supplied with every damper, daisy chain up to 10 dampers per zone)
TEST BUTTONS (plug & play zone control panels are equipped with test buttons which allow you to test every damper connected)


Learn more about each of ZONEFIRST’s Control Panels

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  1. Jon Georgeson

    Planning to convert my 2700 sft home HVAC system into a 2000 sft home and a 700 sft In law system. The inlaw area has 3 regulators, the remaining area has 6. I’ll be doing the install myself. Approx how much would the additional equipment cost? 1) Zone control panel 2) thermostat 3) Damper(s) 4) bypass etc.

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